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My tip: Special Racer and Racing Websites

karting1.co.uk is providing top-tips for free to the karters. on their site you can really get professional tips like
"How to prepare and fine tune the tricky Dellorto carb for Rotax!" or
About Kart Driving Techniques (what you need to know if you want to excel!) or
"How to get big money sponsorship and keep it...." www.karting1.co.uk
Racerchicks.com is one of a kind website who supports "...the women out there that choose to live their dream...." - Females in the motorsport are still minority, there's a lot to do to get more of us out on the racetrack! Have a look at the website www.racerchicks.com
Trackmagic.com - This is the company who builds the "winner"-karts! I met Gary Carlton (he is the factory test driver) and Diego Valverde at the XPlex and could drive one of their new karts -Awesome!- you got to try them to see what I'm talking about..... www.trackmagic.com
Ferraris New Supercar:
Ferrari Fiorano 599 GTB - That's the next step in Ferraris spectacular engineering! The Fiorano can do a 0-60 at 3,6sec, while topping out over 200mph (!!)...
More Infos and Pics about this beauty here:  www.ferrarifiorano.com

Drivers / Teams

Matt Griffin was born in Lancashire, United Kingdom. His racing career in karting and road race is a very good example how quick you can improve in racing, if you are focused and willing to learn....
Very good website, have a look at it! www.mattgriffin-racing.com
Clay Ackermann is unbelievable active for his only 9 years : He is racing the WKA Nationals, the RMax Challenge South Central Regions Cup and the IKF South-Western Super Series (Nationals) www.clayackermann.com
Richard Schaffer races in the 3rd Generation in his family: Grandpa (3x German Champion), Grandma, Mom and Dad (4x German Champion) take care of his career.
His website (in german): www.schaffer-racing.de
The Red Bull Junior Team started with 7 Drivers from 2 Nations in 2001. In 2004 Christian Klien became the first Red Bull Junior in Formula 1. Today there are 20 Juniors from 11 Nations and 5 titles, 50 winnings and more than 54 pole positions.
Look at the website for more information an this amazing challenge team: www.redbull-juniorteam.com

Race Tracks

The XPlex motorsports racepark in Las Vegas is my "home racetrack". I started here in October 2004 karting and I'm still every weekend here to practice.
Michael Schumacher's kartcenter in Germany features an indoor (length=600m/0.372miles) and an outdoor track (710m/0.441miles). Both can be combined which is than a total length of 0.814miles.
Ralf Schumacher's kartcenter in Germany is a bit newer than from his brother. The outdoor track (1000m/0.621miles) has many turnes. You will have fun outdoor at any weather, because they provide extra fitted karts with rain tires for rainy weather.
Kart-Club-Kerpen: Michael Schumacher did start here, and there is also where the 1983 World Finals Kart Juniors Championship took place with Fittipaldi, Frentzen, Hakkinen and others, who are known Formula 1 drivers.

Kart Sport Forums all over the world

This is a THE kart forum for every kart driver in every class in the whole country! You find here nearly every upcoming event and news in the karting industry as long as tips for tuning, etc.

This is a forum for german speaking kart drivers which features topics about all the race tracks in germany.
The German website: www.kartfahrer-forum.de

   Endurance Kart School Johan Schwartz
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watch my laps at the XPlex Racetrack Las Vegas
kartracing: watch my laps at
the XPlex Racetrack Las Vegas 6hr Enduro Johan Schwartz (8mb)
Risky Karting  Risky Karting - 8.3mb
kart crash: Flip Over Kart Flip over Kart - 767kb
January 2006
6hr-Enduro Speedway
XPlex Champ #8
RMax Challenge Jr
BBQ RMax Challenge
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