S jackieskart: RMax Challenge US Grand Nationals 2005 Rotax 125cc Junior Class - Finals
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Rotax Max Challenge US Grand Nationals 2005

South Bend/Indiana, Sept 21-25, 2005

Us Grand Nationals Rotax Max Challenge 2005:
Junior Class Results

Friday, Sept 23,05
Qualifying -A
Qualifying -B
Heat 1 A-B
Heat 1 C-D
Heat 2 A-C
Heat 2 B-D

Saturday, Sept 24,2005
Heat3 - A-D
Heat3 - B-C
LCQ (20laps)
PreFinals (20laps)

Sunday, Sept 25,2005
Finals (30laps)

Points Standings RMax Challenge 2005

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of the largest event of the year 2005:
The Rotax Max Challenge US Grand Nationals

Photos from the Ceremonies on Sunday, Sept 25,2005

Photos from the Junior Class- Heat Races on Friday, Sept 23,2005

Photos from the Junior Class- Qualifying on Friday, Sept 23,2005

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