S jackieskart: US Grand Nationals RMax Challenge 2005 Rotax 125cc Junior Class - Heat3 Group B-C
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Rotax Max Challenge US Grand Nationals 2005

South Bend/Indiana, Saturday Sept 24, 2005

Saturday, Sep 24, 2005
Event Rotax Max Challenge US Grand Nationals 2005
Group Junior
Laps 10
Best Lap Tm  42.626    In Lap   3   Best Speed  67.564 km/h   by  James Kennedy
Pos No. Name Laps Total Time Diff Best Time In Lap Best Speed (km/h)
14WJames Kennedy107:22.84942.626367.564
278Edward Coffin Jr.107:26.4523.60342.984367.002
34dDaniel Alejandro Garza107:30.2707.42143.138966.762
458Esteban Gutierrez107:31.0938.24443.279766.545
529Jorge Reyes107:33.25410.40543.4481066.286
645Martin Mohlin107:33.60010.75143.318966.485
71Sean Jackson107:36.86314.01443.6881065.922
8118Sam Lee107:37.02514.17643.5781066.088
96Connor Dimond107:37.18814.33943.326666.473
1057Roger Scott107:37.52914.68042.9321067.083
1156Allie Vaughan107:42.06119.21243.977665.489
1241Josh Menting107:44.11721.26843.449366.285
139mTayler Malsam107:44.36021.51143.5741066.094
1421mTaylor Castle107:45.10022.25143.541766.145
15171Michael Zaccaria107:48.26725.41844.1271065.266
16Pat Rosse107:48.49825.64943.915865.581
1746Zac Clark107:52.41229.56343.902765.601
1860Rodolfo Camarillo107:53.46830.61942.872767.177
1953Josh Gustat107:53.86331.01444.659664.489
2032Austin Gaddy108:02.83639.98743.494366.216
217Dusty Davis32:25.3807 Laps43.589266.072
2211Anthony Vogt013.84710 Laps-.---0-
2315Jesse Toby0-.----.---0-
Not qualified
DNF93wMackenzie Johnson76:01.56443.337766.456
Us Grand Nationals Rotax Max Challenge 2005:
Junior Class

Results - Index

Friday, Sept 23,05
Qualifying -A
Qualifying -B
Heat 1 A-B
Heat 1 C-D
Heat 2 A-C
Heat 2 B-D

Saturday, Sept 24,2005
Heat3 - A-D
LCQ (20laps)
PreFinals (20laps)

Sunday, Sept 25,2005
Finals (30laps)

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