Rmax Challenge + XPlex Championship on the XPlex Racetrack, Saturday, June 4, 2005
With only 4 races so far
Jackie finally has a podium finish under her belt,
taking third place on this day!

Before the Heat Rogers Handshake Joshua Gustat Right Before The Heat
Roger Scott and Joshua Gustat Jacqueline Weiss John talks to Jackie about...? Heat Rotax Junior
Heat Performance Rotax Jr Heat June4-2005 Rotax Junior Heat Heat Start
Roger and Jackie Yellow Flag Jackie Nr.28 Jackie Weiss {28}
Joshua Gustat {53j} Roger Scott {57} Roger Scott {57} Jackies Colors
Jackie Weiss, Devin Lukowski + Joshua Gustat Jackie, Devin + Joshua Joshua Gustat and Devin Lukowski Jackie Weiss
Jackie Weiss Joshua Gustat Joshua and Devin WatchingKidsKarts
Pit Team Jackie Joshua's Sponsor and Coach Jacob Dirkson Jackie Weiss
Joshua Gustat Roger Scott Devin Lukowski Winner Roger Scott
Roger Scott is the winner of this RMax Challenge Race Joshua Gustat 2ndPlace RMax Challenge June 4,2005 Jackie 3rd Place RMax Challenge June4,2005 What an exciting race day!

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