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Jackie Weiss made the R/T 2000 Skip Barber Advanced 2day Race Activities at Road America
Skip Barber 2day Advanced Racing

July 3-4,2006

Road America Circuit, Wisconsin

July 3-4,2006

I made the 2day advanced racing school which bridges the gap from the 3day novice-racing school to the race weekends. I qualified to practice and race with the winged R/T 2000 (sequential 5-speed gearbox and BF Goodrich tires). What a great experience for me!

My first Formula Dodge Experience with Skip Barber at the Las Vegas Speedway
Las Vegas Speedway
Skip Barber 3day Racing School

June 2-4,2006

Las Vegas Speedway
Skip Barber Racing School

June 2-4,2006

Incredible what I learned during these short and very hot 3 days! To drive a Formula Dodge was harder than I thought. Many new friends and a lot of new knowledge was the result of this weekend.

WSKC - Willow Springs Kart Club Race, California
Willow Springs Kart Club

May 28,2006

Willow Springs Kart Club
WSKC California

May 28,2006

This race didn't have that many Rotax Junior Drivers. The heavy winds from yesterday with the Gatorz Cup on the track died down, so our times have been better: I got into the 44seconds and finished 2nd.

GATORZ - Round 4 at WSKC, California
Round 4 at WSKC

May 28,2006

GATORZ Round 4
WSKC California

May 27,2006

An exciting race with 15 Rotax Junior Drivers on the grid! We were all very close in times; me and Michael Leib had a great battle. ...Mrs Hawaii Tropic International raced in the TAG class!

Gatorz Cup Round3 at the Grange Motor Circuit, California on Saturday, April 29,2006
Grange Motor Circuit, CA
GATORZ CUP Round three

April 29,2006

GATORZ CUP Round three
Grange Motor Circuit, CA

Apr 29,2006

I started 5th and was up to 3rd when Jeff Pesner ran over me: my exhaust popped out and I had to stop and kick it back in.... I lost 1:40min with this incident, but I could finish the race with an exciting 5th place!

Photos from my new TonyKart Chassis at the LosAngeles KartClub in Fontana
LAKC ChampCarRotaxKart
See Pics

April 23,2006
LAKC CalSpeed Fontana
Champ Car Rotax Challenge

Apr 23,2006

I finished 4th place in heat and main race in my new TonyKart Chassis at the LosAngeles KartClub in Fontana. I know I need more practice with the new chassis, because it is a lot different to handle, especially the brakes.... We met many nice people in Californa and I'm looking already forward to Grange on the next weekend!

Photos from the big crash at the XPlex in the Heat
Pictures Crash+People
at XPlex Las Vegas

April 9,2006
Big Crash in the Heat for the Champ Car Rotax Challenge at the XPlex
Apr 9,2006

4 Races in this season so far at the XPlex, and the second red flagged race! I had a great start in my heat race, went from 3rd to 1st by the first turn. Too bad it only lasted a couple of laps: I got passed by Austin Isaac for 1st. When I went on to get my position back, I nailed a dirt pile and flew out of my kart. Luckily I was ok. I wish I could say the same for my kart and my helmet...!

Photos from the Gatorz Cup at Moran Raceway, 

Pictures Gatorz
at Moran Raceway

March 25,2006
Gatorz Cup #2 - Moran Raceway, CA
March 25,2006

Round 2 of the Gatorz Series was held at the Rocky Moran Raceway. I made best laptime of all in practice, but I had a bad start in heat and main race. So I did spent all my time working my way back up to my starting position. I finished 6th, knowing I could have done better. It was the first Gatorz for my sis Desiree - and I think she has done great, finishing 8th out of 12!

Photos from the Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge at the XPlex in March 2006
Pictures Champ Car Rotax Kart #2
March 19,2006
What a great Race at the XPlex!
March 19,2006

We ran the practice and qualifying in dry, but very cold conditions, which actually supported my Mojo Tires a lot: I finished pole! The only one big dark cloud over the XPlex let it rain right on time for the pre-finals: We did not change tires - everybody ran in slicks; there were some really nice 360 spins....! After all I did finish 2nd in the pre-finals and in the finals, where I was battleing with Roger for the first place.

With this first Champ Car 

Rotax Kart Challenge at the XPlex I have opened all my race series for the season 2006
Pictures from the XPlex
February 26,2006
Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge
February 26,2006

With this first Champ Car Rotax Kart Challenge at the XPlex I have opened all my race series for the season 2006. It was a great day at the XPlex Racetrack, and I had a very nice time with all the guys, coming from Utah!

Photos from my first rain race at the Los 

Angeles Kart Club
Pictures California Speedway
February 19,2006
LAKC at the California Speedway
February 19,2006

With basically no experience at all in the rain I did pretty good so far:
Finished 3rd place~!

My first Gatorz Kart Cup Race at 
Buttonwillow Pics Buttonwillow,CA
February 18,2006
Buttonwillow, CA: Gatorz Kart Cup
February 18,2006

So, this was my first of 7 races for the Gatorz Cup in Buttonwillow -
I finished 5th, but I think I make it better next time!

Photos XPlex 
Championship January 29 - Rotax Junior Class See the Pictures
January 29,2006
1st XPlex Championship of the Season 2006
January 29,2006

XPlex Season has started again! I didn't expect 10 Rotax Junior Drivers on the grid, because 2 of the last years Juniors (Josh and Jacob) are racing in the International Class this season, and some others have moved out of state.
The day before the race I did practice and got a very good laptime, but on Sunday everything was different, and I didn't even got close to my best time....

Photo Gallery James Perez Benefit 
Endurance Race XPlex James Perez Enduro Pics
{Saturday January 7,2006}
James Perez 4hr-Endurance-Race
January 7,2006
Good Race, but Bad Luck at this 4hour Race (Clutch broke, Water pipe broke, Chain broke...!): Our Team 2TurnTables & a Microphone with Matt Kaiser, Peter Hearn, David and me did start at the very last position (21), but made it to position 3 in only 3 laps and from lap 15 on we have been the leader until the clutch broke. We dropped 11 laps for repair, but we finished the race (14th place). After all it was a big success for James Perez!
Pictures from 
the Richard Hearn 6hr Endurance Race Dec 3,2005
6hr-Enduro Pictures
{Saturday December 3,2005}
Richard Hearn 6hr-Endurance-Race
December 3,2005
Our Team made the 3rd place at the Las Vegas Speedway! This was my coldest Race I ever made... brrrr! It was freezing cold when we finished at 6pm at the Las Vegas Speedway, but it was a great experience for me.
PhotoGallery Rotax Junior XPlex 
Championship #8 - November 20,2005
Pics XPlex Championship #8
{Sunday November 20,2005}
XPlex Championship #8
November 20,2005

1st place Qualifying {50.389 sec / 47.153 mph}
1st place Heat {50.544 sec / 47.009 mph}
2nd place Main {50.611 sec / 46.946 mph}

Jackie tested the new kart generation: the 
RM1 from Rotax Jackie tested the new kart generation: the RM1 from Rotax
...The newest evolution in karting is the RM1 from Rotax, Austria: Low maintenance and the new DD2 engine makes this kart to one of my favorites....

Photos RM1 Testing
{Wednesday, November 16,2005}
photos Endurance Race from Johan 
Schwartz at the XPlex Racetrack Endurance Race from Johan Schwartz at the XPlex Racetrack
...Our Team Banana made the second place
with as little as 0,0022 sec. gap to the winner

Photos from the Endurance Race
{Sunday October 25,2005}
photos RMax Challenge US Grand 
Nationals South Bend,Indiana RMax Challenge Grand Nationals
...I made it to the US Grand Nationals from the
Rotax Max Challenge!
The last day of competition at the 2005 Rotax Max Grand Nationals wrapped up in South Bend with a full day of wet weather racing on the challenging circuit.....
Pics US Grand Nationals in South Bend....
{Sept 21-25,2005}
photos race XPlex Championship XPLEX Championship No.7
...crash at the racetrack and
my best lap time ever!
My best lap time was 49.897 in qualifying, which brought me to 2nd place in the heat. But in the main race I got into a crash right after the green flag in the first turn....
Photos from the crash.....
{Sunday September 4,2005}
Photos Nevada Police and Fire 
Games Nevada Police & Fire Games
. ..at the XPlex Racetrack: 11 competitors from across the country met for the annual "Criterium"-Race - I was impressed about their performance with the bicycles on the acetrack!
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{Wednesday August 17,2005}
Photos RMax Challenge Race RMax Challenge + XPlex Championship Race No.6
My 2nd podium finish this season and the first Race for my younger sister Desiree.
My best lap time 50.913 according to AMBiT Tracking -Software.....
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{Saturday August 13,2005}
Photos Yokohama Tire Test Yokohama Kart Tire Test
at the XPlex. This was cool: I met Gary Carlton (5-times winner Stars of Karting) and Diego Valverde (General Manager Trackmagic Racing Karts) and Troy Simmons from the Trackside Performance at the XPlex. They did 3 days testing for the new yokohama kart tires and I had the opportunity to drive my first Trackmagic TAG Kart!
Have a look at the photos!
{Thursday August 4,2005}
Photos Rotax Junior Race RMax Challenge + XPlex Championship No.5
with my new 125cc Rotax. Best lap time in Qualifying 51.118 -Pos.3- and in Heat 51.079 -Pos.4-
My best lap time in the Main Race was 50.642, but than I had bad luck and crashed with Zac Clark, that's why I finished at place No.7.
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{Saturday,July 16, 2005}
Photos HCK 6hour Endurance Race My first 6hr Endurance Race
at the XPlex Racetrack from 6pm until midnight... My first race in a super team with a World Formula Motor: 347 laps! And we won!
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{Saturday,July 9,2005}
Photos RMax Challenge and XPlex 
Championship My first Podium Finish
It was my race No.4, and I got my first podium finish!   And it was not an easy win after a heavy tackle with Devin.
This was also my first night-race - and because of the darkness there are not so many pics as usual
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{Saturday,June 4,2005}
Photos Kart Race Las Vegas Speedway Las Vegas Speedway
I have never been before on another track than my hometrack XPlex. This race was held at the Las Vegas Speedway, which is located up in the north of Las Vegas.   Under these circumstances I made a good lap time, but I had a little bad luck too.
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{Sunday, Mar20,2005}
Photos kart race XPlex Racetrack, Las 
Vegas Race No.2
My 2nd race for the XPlex Championship 2005 was held with 80 degrees fahrenheit (27 grad) in Las Vegas on the XPlex Racetrack.
I ended up on the 4th place in Rotax Junior!
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{Sunday, Mar 6,2005}
Photos from my first kart race in Las Vegas! My first race!
My first race for the XPlex Championship and RMax-Challenge 2005 Series -   I made the 5th place in Rotax Junior!
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{Sunday, Feb 13,2005}
Photos with my Rotax Junior 125cc The Day before my 1st race
Very important: the day before my first race. I take Zach as my inspiring example; he is racing for Rotax International. Look at the pictures, his suit has an awesome color!
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{Saturday, Feb 12,2005}
Photo Gallery from my Birthday Race My Birthday
My Birthday-Race! I was totally surprised! I had no clue all my friends came to the xplex racetrack where my parents arranged a little birthday-picknick for me!
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{Saturday, Feb 5,2005}
Photos with my first go kart Rotax Junior Meeting
Practice on a warm sunday with Josh and Taylor. Both have a Rotax 125cc Junior like me.
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{Sunday, Jan 23,2005}
Photos from XPlex Racetrack, Las Vegas My first own Rotax 125cc Junior Kart!
Practice with my first go kart Rotax 125cc Junior on the XPlex Motorsports Racepark in Las Vegas. Ken Northrup is my teacher and showed me everything what I have to know to get my kart running.
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{Saturday, Jan 22,2005}
Photo Gallery from my practice day at the XPlex 
Raceplex, Las Vegas I broke my own record!
I made a new record: .5398!
My friend Alyssa had an accident with her rental go kart
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{Sunday, Jan 16,2005}
Photos from my first laps in a kart My first laps with a kart
My very, very first laps in a rental go kart on the xplex motorsports race track in Las Vegas. I'll never forget the words from Ken, who said (when I was already in the kart sitting): 'Ok, look forward...and don't do anything horrible...!'
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{Sunday, Oct 3,2004}


Richard Hearn 6hr-Endurance Las Vegas Speedway Dec 3,2005

XPlex Championship #8 Nov 20,2005

RMax Challenge 05 Rotax Junior Heat

Drivers BBQ
RMax Challenge 05

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