Rotax Max 4hr Enduro - James Perez Challenge Friday Jan 6,2006 + Saturday Jan 7,2006
| Peter and David from the 2TurnTables & a Microphone Team |
| Jackie and January talking about the Rotax Max Grand Finals in South Bend, where they met the first time |
| January's favorite color is purple, Jackies color for this race season is green |
| Michael from the Johan Schwartz Endurance Karting Team is always happy if he is on a Racetrack |
| Now it gets busy on the xPlex Racetrack |
| there is still a lot to do to make the karts ready for the Endurance Race |
| There are rules and regulations for this benefit race similar to the Rotax Races, organized by SSC Racing |
| Matt needs some fuel, and Joe Ramos sr is overlooking the scenerie |
| Johan Schwartz is usually organizing Endurance Races all over the country; this time he came to the XPlex to sit into a go kart himself and race |
| Local Las Vegas Racer Brandon Kaylor and his Dad Rick |
| Rotax Junior Driver Roger Scott joined the local Team of Acceleration Karting |
| Thanks to our Volunteers, who helped out for this Benefit Race for James Perez |
| Brandon and Rick Kaylor, Jackie and Jake Dirkson - our local xPlex-Racers came to help |
| joking around, having some fun - like always at the XPlex Racetrack...! |
| Larry Smith with the Redbull Rotax Kart Nr12 |
| David Ridgeway, President LVKC |
| David and the Team Captain Matt Kaiser from the 2TurnTables & a Microphone |
| IMG_0373.JPG |
| Hanna from SSC Racing |
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