Rotax Max 4hr Enduro - James Perez Challenge Friday Jan 6,2006 + Saturday Jan 7,2006
| 21 Teams from across America will race for the Benefit of James in Rotax Max Junior Karts |
| Jackie Weiss in conversation about the XPlex Racetrack... |
| The Teams are busy to prepare the RedBull Karts for the Race |
| Jackie and James overlooking the Rotax Junior Kart Nr8, which is the one what Jackie got when she was putting her hand into the hat with the Drawing Numbers |
| there is still something to fix on the Kart |
| James expects a lot of mechanical work today |
| ...but he is still in good mood... |
| ...and like always: James has a big smile for everyone...! |
| Joe Ramos jr gets busy with all the registration... |
| | |
| James Kennedy got the Redbull Rotax Kart Nr16 |
| ...and it was the Number 16 who brought him the luck in the race... |
| Peter Hearn, David, Matt Kaiser and Jackie - Team 2TurnTables & a Microphone |
| Jackie has made two Endurance Races with Peter Hearn, the first one last year at the XPlex, which was won by the Team |
| Peter and his brother Ritchie Hearn are typical Endurance Racer, as Richard Hearn Father is the organizer of the well known Hearn Endurance Races |
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Thanks to all who came to the XPlex Las Vegas on Saturday, January 7,2006 for our 4hr Enduro Race! We have had 21 Teams on the Grid, each of them between 3 and 4 drivers from Las Vegas and from across the country. All have been very excited about the fundraising idea for James Perez and gave their best in this race. We've got several donations and the winning teams did also donate their purse to James, helping him to cover the medical expenses for his necessary surgeries and after care. James Perez and his family has been amazed by all these supporters (some of them don't even know him) and he wants to say a very big thank you to all who have come together to help.
Look up the results of this 4hr Benefiz-Endurance Race for James Perez at the XPlex Racetrack, Las Vegas
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